Busy Bee

Things have been pretty non-stop in my life since the race this weekend. Unfortunately, I don’t have much going on in the cooking or fitness categories. I am trying out a new recipe tonight and will get back into my usual workout routine on Friday.

I have some sweet plans on Saturday for a Trader Joe’s/Old Town visit AND we got new patio furniture! So this weekend will be a little more back to normal.

I have my genetic counseling and testing tomorrow morning for the BRCA gene mutation, so that has been on my mind pretty hard core. I’m not nervous, just kind of anxious to know what my results will be. I won’t know anything until like 2 weeks after my test so it will be something that is on my mind until then.

I will post about my appointment tomorrow when I am finished. Until then, enjoy one of my all-time favorite Family Guy clips. If this doesn’t make you laugh, nothing will!! 😀


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