Shamrock Half Marathon

It’s that time again….the Friday before half marathon weekend. As I sit here at work, all I can do is watch the clock and think about getting down to Virginia Beach. This is how I feel before every race. Who can focus before such a fun, exciting, yet nerve-wracking weekend? Shouldn’t I get like an automatic day off or something? All I want to do is get on the road!

I love everything about race weekend. Even though staying local is less stressful, traveling for races is so fun. I love the road trips, staying in hotels, eating at new restaurants, and seeing sites I don’t usually see every day.

I mean DC and Northern VA are nice and all, but who wouldn’t want THIS as a venue?! Helllllo Virginia Beach! I haven’t seen you since the Rock and Roll Half Marathon last September.

I am beyond excited for this race for many reasons. I have been wanting to run this race for over a year. It sold out last year before I could register. During the Rock and Roll Half we started in the beach resort area then turned right and circled back to the resort area, finishing up on the boardwalk.

For this race, we will be starting at the resort and going left. Personally, I think left is way more interesting than right. Why? Because we get to run through Fort Story before returning to the boardwalk.

Mom and I explored Fort Story before my race last year and had a fun time climbing the lighthouse and relaxing on the beach. I am super psyched to be actually running past all these beautiful landmarks. I think this will be one of the things that will help push me through the miles. I love great scenery, especially when it’s associated with good memories.

As we finish, we run past this amazing guy…Neptune! This statue is so awesome in person. He is positioned right before the finish line, on the boardwalk, with the ocean in the background – the perfect ending to the race.

This will be my first race that also has a marathon going on at the same time and an 8k the day before. So it’s going to be super packed with runners and spectators.

I am so excited to see everyone’s fun green outfits. It is going to be a big ol’ party of runners at the beach. Does it get any better? I am going to have fun, suck up all the energy, and enjoy the run. It’s my first race of 2011. SHAMROCK ON!!


2 responses to “Shamrock Half Marathon

  1. Let’s go Taylor!!!

  2. Way to go kiddo!!

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