Fun Fact Friday

As someone who likes to read blogs, sometimes my favorite posts are ones where the blogger shares interesting stuff about themselves with their readers. As a blogger, I am going to be narcissistic enough to think that you care about some fun little facts about me that you may not always get from reading my blog posts.

So let’s get started…

My mom, dad, and brother live here in Northern Va near Marcus and me. They have a dog named Buster. He’s mental yet adorable. I love him even though I am super allergic to him. We don’t know what breed he is. But he’s 100% insane.

I grew up playing softball. It was a HUGE part of my life for a really long time. I trained, played, and practiced all year round. These days, I stick to slow pitch but I still love it. There’s something about playing ball that makes me feel complete. It’s just so familiar. Hopefully, my kids will be ball players so I can be their coach.

This is a funny and interesting one…Marcus and I went to the same high school although at different times. He graduated in 99 and I graduated in 03 (cradle robber I know). When he was in high school he played baseball and held the home run record for our school. He had this record until my brother came along and broke it. I didn’t know Marcus at the time. But after we started dating we realized this fact. I think it’s proof that we’re meant to be.

Enough about ball….another fact…I am obsessed with musicals. Mom and I are getting tickets to Wicked this weekend and I am BEYOND excited! I am currently listening to the Wicked station on Pandora so I can learn the songs before the show.

Sometimes when I cook, I pretend like I’m on a cooking competition show. My favorite cooking show is Chopped on Food Network. I wish I had the knife skills of a professional chef. They make it look so easy.

I am also obsessed with Harry Potter. I have read every book at least 4 times and seen every movie. I see the movies and buy the books at midnight with all the other nerds. I get made fun of for it, but whatev HP is the bomb dot com!

I wish I lived closer to the beach. There’s a beach bum/hippie/surfer girl down inside of me…unfortunately I suck at surfing and live in the suburbs of DC.

I think getting ready for a night out with the girls is sometimes more fun then actually being out. There’s nothing like getting glammed up, taking pictures and pregaming with your BFFs.

I get a pedicure and wax every two weeks. I believe that every woman deserves to be pampered.

One day I want to own a boat, a jet ski, and a motorcycle. I guess I better start making more money!

I’m a thrill seeker. I love flying. I’ve been sky diving. I will pretty much do anything that involves a risk.

Wow, I could go on and on. Guess I like talking about myself…again with the narcissism 😉

What’s a fun fact about you? I like learning about Delish World readers, so comment away! And have an awesome Friday….wahoo weekend!!


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