I am having a nostalgic Wednesday. Yesterday, Marcus and I were talking about the things that we have going on in the upcoming months – races, vacation, graduations…wait what? Graduations? Yup…in June Marcus’ nephews will be graduating from high school.

These two weren’t even in high school when Marcus and I started dating (over 5 years ago), now they’re about to go to college!

I know I sound like my mom here but I can’t help it. The kids are growing up too fast!

Marcus has a big family – siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles. And most of them live in Northern Virginia, which is awesome. I am super blessed to have all of them in my life.

I love that dating Marcus means that I gained a whole family. What’s even cooler is that his mom is Ethiopian. So Marcus and his siblings are half. Over the years I have eaten the food, learned the customs, celebrated the holidays, and experienced lots of Ethiopian culture, something I never would have done if I wasn’t with Marcus.  Ethiopia is on my top 5 list of countries to visit.

I am sad that the boys are graduating, but I am so proud too. They have both grown up to be polite, smart, funny, successful, handsome men. The time is going to fly even faster now. I’ll blink and the younger one’s will be graduating, and I’ll wonder what happened.

I guess they have to grow up eventually. Can I just press pause?


6 responses to “Family

  1. Great post! My family loves you too! Yeah those boys have grown up super fast! Looks like when they leave ill have to recruit devin to be my new Call of Duty partner when he sleeps over! LOL. All the kids are great and im proud to be their uncle.

  2. If you ever find that pause button…I need one as well…my nieces and nephews are growing like weeds!! Great pics btw…what a happy looking family 🙂

  3. Awww! Beautiful post! The boys are so awesome! I am thrilled to have Marcus in my life too!!

  4. I love how you’re close with your family. It’s hard to find that quality in people nowadays sometimes. As you may remember, my family knows Marcus’ mom so it was nice seeing her picture above. You all have a beautiful family. And YES…any chance you get, visit Ethiopia! I did for the first time 4 years ago and it was amaaazing. It’ll change your life! 🙂

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