Hey guys…I had a post planned for today but Mom is back in the hospital. She has been having some issues post surgery with her drains and expanders (plastic things in her chest to help stretch the muscles to make room for implants.) The past few weeks have not been too well for her.

Well this morning she felt her left breast pop and then she was suddenly wet. She looked down and had fluid coming out of her breast and all down her body.

Long story short, her breast broke open at the incision site and was leeking fluid everywhere.

It has been very scary these past few hours. But her surgeons are taking out her expanders, cleaning out her breast area, closing her up, and letting her heal.

If she decides to have surgery again for the expanders and implants, she can. But for now she will just be boobless.

She is currently in surgery. I am hoping to hear how she is doing soon. So please pray for my mom.

She has had a rough few days and could use all the love she can get. Thanks for reading. Lots of love! ❤


6 responses to “Pray

  1. I’m sending all the positive thoughts that I can her way!

  2. I love you!!!!!

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