Sunday Baking

 After tackling an awesome (and tough) long run on Sunday, I made a date with my kitchen and got to cooking.

Marcus and I eat pretty healthy almost all the time. I decided we needed a treat. I consulted cookie queen, Jenny over at Picky Palate, and found a recipe that made my mouth water just by looking at it. Chocolate peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips. You can’t go wrong with that combo. It’s like a Resse’s cup in cookie form.

I changed up the recipe a little based on the ingredients I had. I didn’t have any smooth peanut butter, so I used peanut flour. This made my peanut butter dough super liquidy and super messy when it came time to combine to two doughs into a ball.

But I did the best I could and figured as long as I had both flavors in the mix, who cares what it looks like?

So while not as pretty as Jenny’s, the outcome was still DELISH! I definitely ate my fill of cookie dough and fresh from the oven cookies yesterday and it was great!

To balance out all the sweet, I needed some savory. I bought a bag of chick pea flour from Whole Foods and few weeks ago and needed to try it out. Ashley has been churning out the chick pea flour recipes lately. I decided to make her savory crackers.

I followed her recipe almost exactly, except I used a round cake pan. This worked out perfect. The recipe was super simple and I was amazed at how easily I could make my own crackers.

These babies were impossible to resist. I kept going back for more. So let’s see…my supper last night consisted of cookie dough and crackers. 😉 Don’t worry. I’ll eat better today!

The best part of cooking in my kitchen? We live on a golf course. There is nothing more relaxing than having the windows and patio door open, a breeze blowing in, and hearing the sounds of people playing golf. I can’t wait until the Spring when everything is in bloom, and animals and birds are running/flying around. The golf course will be really pretty then.

What a nice way to end the weekend. 🙂


2 responses to “Sunday Baking

  1. Awesome!! SO glad you liked the crackers!!

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