Catching Up

 This weekend was a hodge-podge of events. Aside from getting in a few runs, I also grocery shopped, went to the shooting range with dad and Marcus, hung out with mom, cleaned, watched a lot of 24, went to lunch with Marcus’ mom and cousin, and received my MBA in the mail. Overall, a good weekend…full of family and fun. Just how I like it!

Saturday morning I made my usual trip to Old Town and Trader Joe’s. It was beautiful and sunny out, so I made a pit-stop to the waterfront and took some pictures.

Blue skies and awesome scenery. It was the perfect start to my day.

After grocery shopping, Marcus and I headed to mom and dad’s house to go to the shooting range. Mom stayed behind this time because she was feeling some post-surgery pain, so it was just me, dad and Marcus.

I love going to the range with my dad. It’s always fun to spend time with him and he’s really good at making sure that Marcus and I feel comfortable handling the guns.

Dad is a patient teacher. Every time I go to the range I get a little better and this weekend was no exception. Shooting a gun is a huge adrenaline rush. And it’s also good to know that I can properly operate a hand gun and protect myself if I ever need to.

Probably the best part of the weekend was receiving my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in the mail. It took me about 1.5 years to complete my degree. I have been finished with the program since December but American Military University only awards degrees once a quarter, so I had to wait until February to get it. There’s nothing like having that piece of paper to see that all my hard work paid off. 🙂

Now I’m stuck at work on President’s Day…bitter much?? I really could have used another day off! 😛


3 responses to “Catching Up

  1. Wonderful pics! I so wish I could have gone too! Damn pain! I am very proud of you!! Love you!!

  2. Oh my god, just got off the phone with sam, we want to go to old town with you and your mom this summer, both thinking what a great day the four of us will have what do you think?

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