One Sweet Memory

Back when my brother, Tyler and I looked like this…

we lived in Jacksonville, Florida (pictured with our older friend, Luke).

I was munching on some pecans tonight while cooking (tofu stir fry for me, and chicken stir fry for Marcus). As soon as I bit into my first pecan I was flooded with a sweet memory.

When we were younger we used to live in Florida. One of our neighbors had a pecan tree. Ty and I used to take as many pecans as we could, and go to our dad’s old and rusty truck.

We would hop in the bed and smash the pecans with our feet. We would sit in the back of his truck and eat the pecan nuts straight from the tree. A lot of the times we would run into rotten nuts and nuts filled with bugs. But some of the time we would get the taste of raw, nutty pecans.

I can vividly remember the taste of the pecans, the warm summer nights in Florida, and the endless hours spent playing with my brother. My dad’s truck was our playground, our “base” during man-hunt, our hang out with friends.

It’s funny how all these years later I still remember the taste of those pecans off the tree and how my brother and I used to play when we were young.


2 responses to “One Sweet Memory

  1. I remember those Jacksonville days! Good times!

  2. Sweet, sweet memories….I love them!!!

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