I’m Loving It II

Yaaaay Friday! It’s going to be in the 70’s today! Can it just stay like this forever?

Guess it’s pretty obvious what I’m loving today…the warm weather!! There’s nothing like some sunshine and warm temps to bring a smile to my face! And I’m going to enjoy it now because it’s supposed to get chilly again next week.

Last night, I decided to get a quick track run in after work. I stopped at a high school near my job and started running. In between songs I heard a sound…the number one sound that signifies Spring…the sound of a ball hitting a bat. It was enough to make me pause my iPod and just run with the sounds of the batting practice as music.

Any ball player will be able to identify this sound. It was the first time I heard it since slow pitch softball ended in the Fall. It made me want to grab my glove and hit the field.

Also loving….my new Toms! I’ve been eyeing the black glitter Toms since Christmas and finally decided to treat myself. They’re super comfortable and cute (although Marcus thinks otherwise). And the glitter makes them stand out and look super flashy.

LOVING….kombucha!! I bought a couple of bottles this week and can’t get enough! Kombucha is fermented tea and if full of nutrients and antioxidants. Kombucha is kind of funky at first, tastes like vinegar, looks a little weird. But after a few times, I have learned to love it. Guava is my fave!

L-O-V-E…Britney Spears’ new song and video. Sure, Brit is a little crazy and doesn’t dance as well as she used to. But I think she’s still got it! I will love B. Spears and her music for forever.

Loving…the 311 station on Pandora, fun plans for the weekend, and lots of quality time with the BF.

It’s almost the weekend! What are YOU loving today? 🙂

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2 responses to “I’m Loving It II

  1. I am loving that I can go to the Farmers Market with you tomorrow!!

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