Sunday Run

With sunny skies and temps reaching the 40’s, I knew Sunday would be perfect for getting in a run. I originally planned to park along the George Washington Parkway and make my way into Old Town, Alexandria and back again.

Looks like lots of people had the same idea I did because the trail was packed with runners, bike riders, and dog walkers. Even though it was still early and around 36 degrees, the sun made it feel as though it was a cool Spring day.

After stretching I slowly made my way towards Old Town. I picked the route in hopes of seeing the bald eagle couple nested in a tree on the golf course in Belle Haven. The tree and nest are so open that people will literally stop their cars and cause traffic jams to check out the eagles.

Being the bird nerd that I am, I was excited to see that both the female and male were sitting high in their tree and overlooking the Potomac River. It was even better to see them as I was running by because I had lots of time to really check them out. Their white heads and black bodies stood out in the backdrop of the bright blue sky.

With a smile on my face I ran along happy to see some eagle friends. As I approached the turn for the Woodrow Wilson Bridge foot path, I thought why not, and made the decision to run to Maryland and back.

I guess I was inspired by my Wilson Bridge Half Marathon recap and wanted to relive the my run on the bridge. I quickly learned that I forgot that the bridge slowly climbs up before leveling out and descending. So for about half a mile I was running up. The bridge leveled out right in the middle of the Potomac River with a perfect view of Washington, DC to my left.

The sight of DC gave me the same thrill it did when I ran my race. I made my way down the bridge as I ran towards Maryland. As soon as I reached the state line I turned around and headed back uphill and towards Virginia.

It was windy on the bridge and the waters of the Potomac were choppy and rough. It was a little scary to look down and be so high up above the river, but thrilling at the same time. Running the bridge was challenging, but the weather was gorgeous and clear, and I felt strong and happy.

After clearing the bridge I made my way back towards the lot where my truck was parked. You could almost feel the energy and happiness of all the people running and enjoying the weather. It’s amazing what some good sunshine can do for the spirit.

As a huge believer in signs, I considered my Sunday morning run to be a good sign for the things in my life, especially my mom’s recovery. It was just what my body and mind needed after so many days of worrying about my mom.

Mom is doing great by the way! She’s sleeping through the night, doesn’t need pain pills that often, and just feels good all around. I am amazed at how well she is doing so far.

On another note, I cannot wait until 40 degrees is considered cold and not “warm” weather. I’m ready for those 60-70 degree days! 🙂


One response to “Sunday Run

  1. I am so proud of you! The run sounds awesome! I can’t wait to just walk the bridge! It is so nice you saw the eagles! ❤

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