Party over here in the surgical ward! I decided to spend the night with mom in the hospital to give dad and break. So it’s me, mom, and a craaazy night at the National Naval Medical Center!

Ok not exactly a party, but mom is doing pretty awesome. The docs say her surgery went well and everything looks good. Mom is talkative, has a decent appetite, and is able to take small walks around the ward. She will be able to go home tomorrow morning.

When I got to the hospital today dad looked like he could use a nap. He didn’t get much sleep the night before mom’s surgery and was up all day and night with her yesterday. Even though he didn’t say anything, I knew he was tired and worn out. I brought along my toothbrush and sweatpants just in case. So I told him I could take over on mom watch.

We have a pretty good set-up here. Big TV, lots of snacks, and a Jersey Shore marathon is on. I have a veggie sub and the new Runner’s World, so I’m set.

So it’s a slumber party for me and momma tonight. Despite the circumstances we are having a pretty good time. Mom and I would be the ones to turn a double mastectomy recovery into a girl’s night. That’s how we roll.

Some people get freaked out in hospitals. Not me. I kinda like them, especially military hospitals. I guess growing up with Navy parents who worked in the medical field caused me to be interested in the hospital scene. So it’s actually been pretty cool to walk around, take some pictures, and watch as the docs, nurses, and Corpsmen take care of my mom.

Mom even let me look at her non-boobs. I cried a little. It was just pretty shocking to see. I still feel bad that my mom has to got through all this, but I know it’s better than cancer, so it’s worth it.

Mom is tougher and stronger than I ever knew. She is doing an awesome job. I cannot express how proud I am to be her daughter. I am so relieved that she is ok. She will be back home and healing up in no time. 🙂


2 responses to “PARTY!!

  1. Awwwwe Taylor! You are such an awesome daughter! Tears fill my eyes as I read this tribute to your wonderful mother! I love you both so much! Know you are all in my thoughts and prayers! Love you BFF ad Taylor!

  2. Kudos to you Tay Tay! Love you!

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