Taking a Time Out

Thanks SO much to everyone who read my post yesterday about my mom. The comments, thoughts, and prayers are much appreciated and truly touched my heart.

I intended to kind of return back to the usual tone today, but honestly my heart isn’t in it. I had an informative and healthy post planned, but I can’t stop thinking about my parents.

I am at work and I wish I was at the hospital with my dad waiting for my mom to get out of surgery. My plan was to work today, take a half day tomorrow, and spend the rest of the day hanging with mom at the hospital. 

For some reason I’m a total basket case today. I know logically she will be ok. It will be some time before she feels better, but she’ll be fine. But to know that my mom is undergoing such a huge, life-changing procedure is really wearing me down emotionally.

So I am sorry to anyone who reads this. I don’t have much else to offer but wishing I was with my parents right now. I will update once I know more and definitely update once I go to the hospital tomorrow.

I promise I’ll be back to my cheery self once I know my mom is a-ok. Until then, keep the good thoughts coming. To leave you with something funny I give you the hilarious Michael Scott!! 🙂


One response to “Taking a Time Out

  1. I love you Sunshine face! I hate to think you were anxious. It was great to have you with me in he hospital though! We had fun in an unfun situtaion! Luv ya!!

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