Thelma and Louise

My mom and I are like Thelma and Louise. Once one of us gets an inkling to do something, there’s no stopping us. We like to say that every time we get together is like an adventure. Even the most innocent shopping trip can turn into a snowy, bald eagle hunt. No lie…it happened this Saturday.

Mom and I like going to the Old Town Farmers Market and then Trader Joe’s on Saturday mornings. It’s our time to talk, buy delish food, and enjoy Old Town at a time when few people are out.

Yesterday, I bought my usual cage-free eggs from my farmer. We bought locally grown apples and applesauce. When we were walking back to the car I almost slipped and fell on the icy road. Not to worry, I had Mom behind me to keep my balance. Not with her hand. But with her new jar of homemade applesauce. Of course we thought this was the funniest thing in the world. Mom stuck a jar in my back to keep me from falling on my butt. Thanks Mom. I’m sure if I would have fallen, your applesauce-filled hands would have caught me. 😉

After an uneventful trip to TJ’s we made way back up the parkway for Eagle Watch 2011. We started creeping along the road once we got closer to the nest. Mind you the George Washington Parkway has a speed limit of 45 mph. No worries. Mom put her hazard lights on, because you know, it’s perfectly normal to go 5 miles an hour on the parkway looking in trees for eagles.

Then suddenly, clear as day, was the female bald eagle, in her perch above the running trail. We gasped and became giddy with excitement. Luckily, she was in a tree that was relatively close to a place where we could pull over. We decided to park and walk the snow-covered trail until we reached our beloved eagle friend.

After parking we had to hike over a mound of plowed snow and walk gingerly down a hill to get to the trail. If you know me and mom, we do nothing gingerly or with grace. We made it to the trail without any incidents but a lot of laughs. The trail was so covered in snow and empty that it looked as if we were walking into Narnia. Quietly we approached the eagle tree.

After a few minutes we were at her tree. She was so close! We could stand directly underneath her. She was keeping a watchful eye over the river and kept swiveling her head to look around. Her feathers were puffed up to keep her warm, making her look even bigger.

Suddenly, we saw movement closer to the river. A huge bird flew out of nowhere and landed on the top of a tree. At the same time we realized it was the male bald eagle. They were perfectly positioned to protect their nest – one closer to the water, and one closer to the trail. It looked as if they were talking to each other, each eagle in their positions of nest protection.

Mom and I stood in awe. How often do you see bald eagles this close in their natural habitat? We both felt extremely lucky as we took it all in. Because the trail was so snowy, there was no one else around but us and the eagles. It was if it was meant to be for us to be there at that time.

After a few minutes we started to head back to the car. I knew we both felt the awesomeness of our eagle encounter and considered it a good sign. With mom’s surgery coming up, we need all the positivity we can get. Seeing the eagle couple was the sign we needed. In that moment, we both knew that everything would be ok with my mom’s surgery this Thursday. It was God’s way of letting us know.

Once we got back to the parking space we had to climb back up the small hill and over the snow bank. I was holding mom’s hand as she climbed over and her foot slipped. We both started cracking up like we always do when we’re together. She said, “how funny would it have been if I fell over and took you down with me?”

Real funny mom. You’re just lucky I didn’t have my hands full of applesauce while I was trying to brace your fall, or we both would have been in trouble. 😉

That’s mom and I for you. Thelma and Louise. Bird nerds. Best friends. Never a dull moment, and lots of good times. 🙂


4 responses to “Thelma and Louise

  1. Yes, praising the Lord for you and wonderful, simple moments!! Pure joy!!

  2. You guys are great!!! Moms going to be ok on thursday, she has you! Your an amazing daughter. I will keep her in my prayers on thursday like so many others that love you both. God bless!

  3. You guys are too cute

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