Forgive Me

Forgive me friends. I had an awesome meal ready to prepare and share with you guys, but Mother Nature struck and changed my plans.

It took me two hours to get home yesterday in the middle of a snow storm. Unfortunately, the rest of the DC area was trying to get home too and it was bad news bears for all of us on the road.

I saw six accidents. It got so bad that people were abandoning their cars and walking home because traffic just was not moving, or they were getting stuck. To say DC doesn’t handle snow well is an understatement.

Needless to say when I got home I was in no mood to cook a healthy and delish dinner. I put a Digiorno frozen pizza in the oven, poured myself a giant glass of red wine, and spent the rest of the of the night snuggled up with Marcus on the couch watching Modern Family season one.

Winning combination for any cranky, snow-hating person.

I am grateful that I made it home safe and in a short amount of time compared to a lot of people. Some people were on the road for 12+ hours! 😮

I am in a better mood today and already have something brewing in the crock pot to eat and share tomorrow. So until then, stay safe and stay warm. Everyone pray that when Groundhog’s Day comes next week, the groundhog predicts Spring is coming and not six more weeks of Winter!


2 responses to “Forgive Me

  1. I think after what you went through on the roads (having been there myself) your evening sounds PERFECT! Modern Family is a guaranteed laugh!

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