The Pita House

When I suggested to Marcus that we go out to dinner Saturday night I knew I wanted to go to a place with an awesome vegetarian menu, but also a place where he would have a choice of good meat entrees.  It was our first time eating out since I stopped eating meat so our venue had to appeal to both of us. I went to Yelp for some good recommendations and was instantly drawn to The Pita House in Old Town, Alexandria.

I checked out the menu online and they seemed to have some delish options for the both of us. Plus it was a way for us to step out of our comfort zone and try some different food from another country.  

Nestled in a row of houses on Cameron Street, The Pita House is a small and cozy restaurant. I knew from looking at the online menu that I wanted to start with an appetizer of pita bread and hummus. The appetizer was quickly brought out. The pitas were warm and soft, and the hummus was super flavorful. I probably could have eaten it all by myself. I also had a glass of Lebanese Cabernet which I totally loved.

For our entrees, Marcus ordered the Shish Ta Wouk which was char grilled chicken skewers with tomatoes, green peppers and onions. It was served with Lebanese salad, rice, and garlic sauce. He said the chicken was juicy and tender and ate it up. He also ordered fries on the side and I was happy to take a few off his hands. 🙂

I ordered Moujdra Bel Riz. It was lentils cooked with rice and onions topped with fried onions and served with yogurt sauce. I think my favorite part was the yogurt sauce. It tasted soo good poured over everything.

We both loved our meals. The portions were so big we couldn’t finish everything. Throughout the whole meal the wait staff was super attentive and extremely nice. They were quick to refill our drinks, and take away dishes.

I was surprised by the amount of vegetarian appetizers and entrees they offered. This was definitely a good restaurant choice because they had meals that everyone could enjoy.

I would totally recommend The Pita House and would love to go back and try more of their food –  when it’s warmer. We had to practically run to the car after we ate. So it would be nice to stroll around Old Town after our meal, and not freeze our buns off!

I think I speak for everyone when I say I am ready for the warm weather! 🙂


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