Maple Cashew Butter

Two words. Nut. Butter. Probably one of the easiest things to make and experiment with. All you need is a food processor, nuts, and whatever add in ingredients you want. We all know I love to make peanut butter. And we all know I like my protein. I had a jar of cashews burning a hole on my pantry (does that even make sense?) and knew what had to be done. Cashew butter…better yet maple cashew butter! Hold on to your hats, kids. Maple cashew butter will rock your world!


First, I consulted homemade nut butter queen, Ashley to make sure I was on the right track. She seriously has some awesome looking recipes. I just want to make them all and eat nut butter all day. The nut butter diet! It’ll be bigger than the Atkins diet, just you wait!

Anyways, making nut butter is super simple. You just throw your nuts of choice into the food processor and let it do all the work.

After a few minutes of processing, I added some oil to my mix since my cashews were raw and unroasted. This helped liquefy the cashews and make the mix smoother.

I stopped the processor a few times to scrape down the sides. I also added some sea salt and a few glugs of maple syrup to add some flava.

And let me just tell you something about maple syrup. Spend the money, forget about the calories, and use real maple syrup. Look at the label of “lite” maple syrup. Not a drop of syrup in there! Just a bunch of crap you can’t pronounce. The back of my Trader Joe’s maple syrup has one ingredient….maple syrup! Imagine that. So channel your inner Buddy the Elf and learn to love the real deal. Just don’t drink the bottle or pour it on your spaghetti.

Back to the cashews! I ran the food processor for about 10 minutes and stopped it every few minutes to taste, scrape down the sides, etc. I don’t have exact measurements for my ingredients. I just rolled with what tasted good to me. My final product was some smooooth, slightly salty, mapley sweet, cashew butter.

Spread that goodness on toast and eat up/force your BF to taste test it while he’s eating supper than fish for compliments until he tells you how good it is. 🙂

Easy right? I hope everyone has a happy Friday and a great weekend full of delish food! 😀


2 responses to “Maple Cashew Butter

  1. Heck yes. REAL maple syrup is SO worth it. I love love cashew butter, but haven’t added maple to it before. I’m sure it’s fabulous! Thanks for the link!

  2. My mouth is watering right now!!

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