Ch Ch Ch Chia!

I have made a big mistake. I mentioned the awesomeness of chia seeds and their protein power, but I never explained exactly what they are, or why they are so great.

I really hope that you guys didn’t run to your local Wal-Mart and buy a President Obama Chia Pet then use the chia seeds in your morning oatmeal.


Don’t eat Obama’s chia hair. I will tell you where to buy chia seeds, don’t worry!

Fist, lemme tell you why chia seeds are the bomb dot com. Chia seeds are said to be originally used by Aztecs in Mexico as an endurance and energy food during long runs and  conquests. When chia seeds are digested a gel is formed in the stomach which helps slow down the conversion of carbs into sugar. This means you stay fuller longer. This is also beneficial to diabetics in that it helps regulate blood sugar. Because chia seeds absorb more than 12 times their weight in water, hydration is prolonged. This is beneficial to runners and athletes who need to stay hydrated for extended periods.

Chias are high in fiber, protein, and Omega 3. Omega 3 is a vital fat that helps protect the body against certain diseases and joint inflammation. Unlike flax (which is also high in Omega 3), chia seeds do not get rancid quickly so they can be stored for long periods of time. Chia seeds can also be eaten whole and do not need to be ground down in order to get to the nutritious parts.

Chia seeds can easily incorporated into your diet. I eat chia seeds every morning. I either blend a teaspoon into my green monsters, or I stir them into my oatmeal. Some people claim chias have a nutty taste but I have never noticed it. Chias can also be mixed into yogurt or pudding, sprinkled onto salads, and basically incorporated into any type of batter or dough. They would even do well in homemade granola and  granola bars.  

Now, where do I buy chia seeds? I bought mine at a health food store called Healthway. They have a 11 Virginia locations. Chias can also be found at GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. And if all else fails you can buy them from Amazon or similar online stores.

Have I experienced the effects of this super food? Well, since I started incorporating chia seeds into my life at around the same time that I stopped eating meat, milk, refined sugar, and other processed food, I cannot say that how I feel is solely based on the chia seeds. But I can tell you that I stay full in the morning for a very long time. I used to eat cereal then need a “snack” aka second breakfast to hold me over until lunch and I would still be starving. Now I have oatmeal or a smoothie for breakfast (after working out) and I am pretty full until about 11am. Usually yogurt, an apple, or clementine last me until lunch time. I will give the chia seeds some credit on that one.

I have yet to find a negative review of these super seeds. There is a lot of research out there, so I recommend you read up and learn about the benefits for yourself. And let me know if you have ever tried chia seeds, or plan on buying them. I am interested on hearing about your experiences with the ch ch ch chia seed!


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