Virginia is for *Wine* Lovers

This weekend while I was hanging out with my Jams we decided to visit the nearby Rosemont Winery. For only $5 we could taste all of the winery’s 15 wines. Delish wine for a cheap price? You know we jumped at the chance to go!

As soon as we entered the house we were greeted by a friendly mutt and a warm fireplace. There were groups of people sitting at tables and enjoying glasses of wine and picnics they brought from home. We made our way to the bar and immediately requested a wine tasting.

Our sommelier took his time to explain all 15 wines. We started with white, continued to red, and finished with sweet. I am a red wine fan myself, so I enjoyed that section of wines the most.

With my wine list in hand, I picked my favorites.

Chardonnay 2009 – This was my favorite among the white wines. It won the Platinum Medal at the VA Wine Classic. With aromas of bright citrus and green apples, this wine is medium bodied with crisp acidity to add body and complexity.

Mertiage 2007 – Voted Best in Show the Atlantic Seaboard Competition; it was my favorite of the red wines. It is a rich, full-bodied wine with dusty and earthy undertones.

Lake Country Sunset – Although sweet wines are not my favorite, this is definitely one I would like to drink more of. It is a sweet medium bodied wine, perfect for summer days (sounds like we have our drink for lake trips!)

After tasting our wine we each bought a glass for $4. I had the Chardonnay. Though I am usually a red girl, I wanted to switch it up and drink something new. We sipped our wine, walked around, and enjoyed the sights.  

Even though it was winter and nothing was in bloom, the winery was still pretty. It will be a fun place to visit again when the weather is warmer.

If you ever see Rosemont wine in grocery stores or offered at a restaurant, I recommend you try it. The Rose family and staff are very passionate about what they do and it is evident in the taste of their wine and beauty of the estate.

It was the pefect activity for an afternoon with the girls. And don’t worry, there was plenty of shenanigans going on during our classy wine outing…who would we be if we didn’t have a little fun? 🙂

Rosemont Winery located in LaCrosse, Va


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