I’m a Virgin

Yup, that’s me! Blog virgin! I’m sure I will look back on my first post and cringe. But you have to start somewhere right? My name is Taylor and I’m a blogoholic. No seriously though…welcome to Delish World!

At Delish World I hope to share my love of food, cooking, working out, and other fun stuff in between. On this blog you will probably see lots of recipe attempts (I am trying hard to be a better cook because one day I want to go up against Bobby Flay in Iron Chef…ok not really), many pictures of my cutie bf (because I love him), too many pictures of me throwing up the peace sign and kiss face (because that’s how I roll), lots of stories about my adventures with my mom (because she’s crazier then I am), and just my general musings on life, food, working out, and my family and friends.

I live in Northern Virginia (NoVa) which is nothing like the rest of the state of Virginia. Our proximity to DC makes us hard core…ok not really but we like to separate ourselves anyways.

You can read more about me here! And I’m sure I will be leaving lots more posts in the future. But for now I leave you this….yeah that’s right…a pic of me and my cutie bf…get used to it.


2 responses to “I’m a Virgin

  1. I love your blog and am looking forward to following your adventures is food as well as good health!

  2. This is a great blog! I look forward to following your healthy lifestyle journey. I have tons of recipes if you need them.

    Love you! Hug to Marcus!

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